3 Day Romantic Getaway in Turks and Caicos

Are you looking for a dreamy, romantic trip that takes your breath away? We’ve got you covered. Our 3 Day Romantic Getaway in Turks and Caicos will help you create the perfect escape for you and your loved one.

While spending one week in Turks and Caicos is the ideal vacation, perhaps you’ve found a space in your calendar that allows you to take a mini vacation. This 3 day romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos will let you get the most out of your quick escape. 

There’s no more perfect place to share a few romantic days with your loved one than Turks and Caicos. And, being a relatively small Island, there’s plenty you’ll get to see and do in a short period of time. Jump into our 3 day romantic getaway and let yourself be captured by Turks and Caicos’ natural beauty. With spectacular, serene surroundings and alluring beach side charm, you're sure to be swept off your feet.

Not sure where to stay during your Romantic Getaway? Our 8 Romantic Resorts in Turks and Caicos will help narrow down your search.

Romantic escape in Turks and Caicos at Seven Stars Resort

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If you've read our Ultimate Turks and Caicos Guide, you'll know we always recommend renting a car. Taxis are expensive and the costs can add up. Be sure to plan your itinerary ahead of time and calculate the costs of your travel around The Island. You may find that renting a car is a more cost effective way of getting around. And don't worry, it's easy to drive in Turks and Caicos.

Romantic Getaway Day 1

Assuming you arrived in Turks and Caicos the night before, let’s start your first full day with a little relax and regroup. 

Did someone say room service? Yes please! Start your day by indulging your senses with some in room breakfast served on your private balcony. What better way to energize than with a view of beautiful Grace Bay Beach or perhaps a tropical, serene pool view? 

Room service with a view in Turks and Caicos

Adventure Day 1

Now it’s time to head out and see Turks and Caicos from the best vantage point. The ocean. In our opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than being out on a boat with your loved one, taking in all the incredible views and turquoise hues that Turks and Caicos has to offer. 

Whether you choose to splurge on a private charter or take advantage of one of the many half day group snorkel tours, you’re sure to have a great time out on the water. 

Ocean Frontiers TCI

For a full luxury day of exploring on a private charter, we’d highly recommend Ocean Frontiers. Captain Ernesto is a huge ocean advocate and will take you to some spectacular spots hidden throughout the Islands. Enjoy a charter entirely catered to all you want to see and do.

*We are not sponsored by Ocean Frontiers, we simply want to offer you the best options.

Silly Creek Water Sports

For a more casual, yet fun, sporty and full of professionalism charter, we recommend Silly Creek Water Sports. You can go tubing, wake surfing, wake boarding, all the fun sports and also a little cliff diving if you wish! Cynthia and Steve are more than happy to cater to any and all things you want out of your private charter.

*We are not sponsored by Silly Creek, we simply want to offer you the best options.

Caicos Dream Tours

If it’s a group snorkel tour you’re interested in, we always have fun on Caicos Dream Tours. If you’ve read our Best Snorkeling Tour In Turks and Caicos, you’ll see that this type of tour offers nothing but fun and adventure as well as being great bang for the buck.

Should you wish to be child free on your romantic getaway, Caicos Dream Tours also offer an adults only half day snorkel which visits Noah's Arc, a floating bar in the middle of the Caribbean! 

Lunch Day 1

You’re going to be hungry and exhausted after your morning of adventures! Pick up some lunch at Tribe or Coco Van then head to the beach for a few hours of daydreaming on beautiful Grace Bay Beach. Enjoy some downtime over a picnic lunch at the beach and a long luxurious float in the turquoise water. 

Delicious lunch at Tribe restaurant in Turks and Caicos

Dinner Day 1

After you’ve had a relax in the afternoon and perhaps a sun induced nap, it’s time to get ready for dinner with a view. Our choice for your first nights dinner is Bay Bistro, located at Sibonne Resort. Bay Bistro offers a tantalizing menu with a breathtaking view of Grace Bay Beach. What better way to end your day than watching the sunset over the water and toasting your special plus one. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation to secure a table with a prime view.

Feel free to opt for any of the dinner suggestions we offer on our 14 Romantic Restaurants article.

Sunset dinner views at Bay Bistro in Turks and Caicos

Day 1 Recap

  • Room service on your balcony overlooking the ocean or pool deck
  • Private Charter or half day snorkel group tour
  • Grab some lunch to go from Tribe or Coco Van
  • Beach time
  • Bay Bistro

Romantic Getaway Day 2

Ok, today is Bucket List excursion day! Make a quick breakfast in your room and get ready for one of the most memorable adventures you’ll ever have.

Adventure Day 2 – Option 1

Horseback riding in the ocean. Yes, it’s all it’s cracked up to be and then some!! Provo Ponies is a horse rescue operation that we just can’t talk enough about. Honestly, these horses are treated better than most humans!

We absolutely love heading out with Provo Ponies. It's truly a wonderful excursion and even more so if you're an animal lover like we are. You can book as part of a small group ride or a private ride for two (plus a guide). What could be more romantic than this!

Provo Ponies

You'll be introduced to your suitable match and learn the basics before heading to the beach. If you're lucky, you'll get to ride Turtle, the most gorgeous gentle giant of them all (well, they're all gorgeous, but he's just out of this world gorgeous). 

If you plan on adding this to your list of things to do in Turks and Caicos, be sure to book well in advance. They fill up fast, so better to book sooner than later. You will be asked to give your weight so you can be paired with an appropriate sized horse. Book directly on their site at Provo Ponies.

Lunch Day 2 – Option 1

You’ll have worked up an appetite from your mornings adventures so we suggest you get changed into your swimwear and head to Just Tacos. Just Tacos is a beach pop up Taco Stand located at Grace Bay Club.

Garth and Andre serve up mouth watering tacos on the beach along with some pretty epic cocktails! Ask for a Pain Killer! If your legs are a little sore from horseback riding, this will sort you out lol!

Also, Garth is quite the country guy, so be prepared to join in on some country music sing alongs and serenades. Such a fun little spot!

Garth and Andre at Grace Bay Club

Adventure Day 2 – Option 2

So, if horseback riding isn’t your thing and you’d prefer a more laid back approach to day 2 of your romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos, we have other options for you.

Pack your car and head over to Sapodilla Bay Beach. This shallow bay is a beach bums dream. You can rent chairs and umbrellas if you like, or set up a little further along with our own beach chairs if you have them. Pack a cooler of drinks and snacks or indulge in a rum concoction from some of the beach vendors.

Sapodilla Bay from the gazebo on Sapodilla Hill Turks and Caicos

Wade way out in the water with a cocktail or your floaty and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. This calm, shallow bay is the perfect spot for some photos with you and your special someone. 

Rent a kayak or paddle board from the vendors and explore the banks to the right of Sapodilla Bay. Some gorgeous villas and scenery can be found in this little paradise. 

Lunch Day 2 – Option 2

For lunch, head across the road from Sapodilla Bay to Las Brisas and take in the awe inspiring colors of Chalk Sound. This two story restaurant offers an extensive menu filled with island favorites and more. Grab a tropical cocktail and snap some cute pics at the dock just to the left of the restaurant.

las Brisas in Chalk Sound

Dinner Day 2

Time to rest up for another great evening in Turks and Caicos. Tonights romantic getaway dinner plans consist of two fabulous establishments.

First things first, put on something nice, you’re heading to Wymara Resort for your Day 2 Romantic Getaway dinner. 

Pink Bar

Pink Bar is where you’ll start your night. Pink bar is a glam beach bar and perfect for sharing a pre dinner cocktail while watching the sunset on Grace Bay Beach. You'll LOVE IT! Next, head into Wymara Resort and dine at the world class, Indigo TCI. Chef Andrew puts on quite a feast so be prepared for some out of this world cuisine and fabulous service. Reservations are required so book in advance. You can read our full review on Indigo to get a better idea of what kind of spectacular night you’re in for. You won’t be disappointed.

Day 2 Recap

  • Provo Ponies
  • Lunch at Just Tacos and ask Garth for a Pain Killer
  • OR
  • Sapodilla Bay for a few hours of beach
  • Lunch at las Brisas
  • Pink Bar for pre dinner sunset cocktails
  • Indigo for dinner

Romantic Getaway Day 3

Sadly, the last day of your 3 day romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos. But, still so much to pack into this last epic day!

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at your resort or perhaps you’d like to try Hemingways at The Sands Resort. Hemingways, offers a great breakfast selection with an even greater view. Overlooking Grace Bay Beach, be sure to keep a watch out for Jojo The Dolphin and ring the bell if you see him!

Hamingways at The Sands Hotel Turks and Caicos

Adventure Day 3 – Option 1

Next, we have two suggestions for you. One for the adventure seekers and one for the ‘let’s just chill” seekers.

First up is the adventure seekers. You’ve likely seen pictures of the Shipwreck, La Famille. If so, did you know you can climb aboard and jump off the bow? It’s true!

La Famille Shipwreck and Mako Watersports Jetskis

You will need a mode of transportation to get out to the wreck so we suggest you rent jet skis with a guide to head out for some incredible fun on the water. Best you don’t go alone as the guides know what areas are safe on this shipwreck and which areas to avoid. You don’t want to get injured on your last day.


Mako Water Sports offers guided tours to help you navigate your adventure. They also offer private charters and paddle board rentals should be interested.

*We suggest you bring runners or water shoes for climbing aboard the shipwreck.

Adventure Day 3 – Option 2

For those looking for some fun but a little less extreme, may we suggest you book a parasail with Key To The Sea Parasailing? You’ll get a chance to be out on the water again but this time you’ll be seeing it from a whole different perspective.


I’m afraid of heights and I’ve done this excursion TWICE! It’s just incredible being up in the sky and seeing the entire Island and all the turquoise water. It’s actually a very calming feeling being so far removed from everyone and everything. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

You’ll only be gone for about an hour on the public tour so you still have plenty of time to enjoy the beach on your last day.

Key To The Sea offers a public and private option for this tour.

So if you’re interested in something a little more low key, yet still fun, we highly recommend this for your last day of fun.

View from the sky Key To The Seas Parasailing

Lunch Day 3

After your morning of fun and adventure, head over to Seven Stars Resort and dine on some great eats at The Deck. This is one of our favorite beach restaurants for lunch. Just chill and take it all in while enjoying some conch fritters and a fruity cocktail. Just enough to satisfy your taste buds and prepare you for more afternoon beach time.

The Deck at Seven Stars Resort

Bonus Adventure Day 3

Time for one last excursion on your 3 day romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos. On your last night, end on a high note and book a sunset sail on Lady Grace Catamaran.


Operating out of The Ritz- Carlton Turks and Caicos, Lady Grace offers an upscale sunset sail, the perfect setting for romance. Sip on high end cocktails and delicate Hors D'oeuvres while watching the glorious sun set over the horizon of Grace Bay Beach.

Snap some pics and take in these precious moments of extreme beauty and peacefulness.

A sunset sail from the shores of Grace Bay Beach

Dinner Day 3

After your sunset cruise, we know you’ll still want to be near the ocean. So for dinner tonight, head back to Grace Bay Club and enjoy a first class meal and a few libations at Infiniti Restaurant and Raw Bar.

Get your glad rags on and have a cocktail and the world renowned Infiniti bar. Two rows of mirrored glass that look like they’re jetting out to the sea make for such a spectacular memory. There’s also a beautiful fire lit lounge area for those who prefer a little more private setting. You won't be disappointed with this choice for you last night in Turks and Caicos.

Infinit Bar Grace Bay Club

And to finish your night, if you’re staying close by, be sure to have one last romantic walk along the beach back to your resort. You’ll be longing to have your toes in the water before you know it. 

Day 3 Recap

  • Breakfast at Hemingways
  • Jet ski to shipwreck if feeling adventurous
  • Or Parasail with Key To The Seas if feeling a little more lax
  • Lunch at The Deck at Seven Stars
  • Lady Grace Sunset Cruise
  • Dinner at Grace Bay Club, Infiniti Bar

This 3 Day Romantic Getaway in Turks and Caicos is just a sampling of all the magical and wonderful things to explore in Providenciales. By all means, make your own arrangements and get out there and do what you and your special someone love to do most.

Our aim with this itinerary, is to offer up suggestions to give you get a glimpse into what we see and love about Turks and Caicos. You might enjoy our 10 Epic Excursions to plan the perfect trip!

We hope you've taken some great suggestions away from this itinerary to help make your Romantic Getaway the most special escape you've ever had. And, we hope you'll be making plans for another visit!

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