MORE Best Beaches In Turks and Caicos

Did you know there are even more best beaches in Turks and Caicos? Looking for a little escape from your resort and the main stretch of Grace Bay Beach?

Not that anyone ever tires of Grace Bay Beach, but perhaps you’re looking to change it up during your stay. Be sure to head off on your beach day prepared with any extra beach day items you need. Not all the beaches have amenities like beds and umbrellas.

Follow along as we give you a quick outline of even more best beaches in Turks and Caicos. We’re going to start from The Turtle Cove area and move East along the shore to point out some fantastic beachy locations.

Trip Tip: All these beaches are a quick drive from the main Grace Bay area. You shouldn’t have any problems finding them and setting up for a great day at the beach.

Babalua Beach

If you’re facing out towards the water from Turtle Cove Marina, you’ll notice a gorgeous stretch of untouched beachfront just to the left of the marina inlet. This is Babalua Beach. A great little spot that you'll likely have to yourself most days. With several homes and villas along the shore, you may have the company of a few other vacationers on this beach, but in all honesty, we’ve only ever shared it with one other group of people.

It’s a fantastic stretch of beach without having to go too far. It can be a little windy some days, so check the forecast before heading out. It’s a wonderful spot to chill for the day, jump in and have a lazy float or choose to snorkel along the rocks. No matter which you decide, there’s plenty of turquoise water to share. There aren’t any amenities on Babalua Beach so make sure you pack your beach chairs, cooler and any other beach day essentials you might need.

Beach day tip for Babaluas Beach: Call ahead to the Shark Bite Bar and Grill in Turtle Cove to pick up your lunch before you head off for a great day of beach fun and sun.

Babalua Beach Turks and Caicos

Smiths Reef

If you love to snorkel, Smiths Reef is the beach for you! You will most definitely want to hit this stretch of beach more than once on your visit. Smiths Reef beach area is one of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos for snorkeling. Again, from Turtle Cove Marina, off the right side of the inlet is where Smiths Reef starts and travels for quite a good distance along the shoreline. Literally step right in and start snorkelling over miles of beautiful shallow reef. You’ll see so many types of marine life and with Smiths Reef being so vast, you’ll likely get to enjoy it all to yourself. Many villas dot the shoreline along with quite a few beach access entry points giving you easy access to many sections of Smiths Reef.

If you’re not packing a lunch with you, you might want to consider heading out for a morning snorkel and then head over to Mango Reef for a bite of lunch in Turtle Cove. Wherever you plan to set up on Smiths Reef, don’t forget to take your beach essentials with you. There are no amenities along this stretch which is just fine…there’s so much to keep you busy underwater.

Under the sea at Smiths Reef

The Bight Reef

Ok, picture this… You’re sitting on the beach, sipping a delicious margarita from Somewhere Cafe and you feel like it’s time to go hang out with a sea turtle. Well guess what? At the Bight Reef, this is possible! And you don't need more than one margarita to see them!

Nestled in front of Coral Gardens and Somewhere Cafe is a protected section of reef with an abundance of coral and marine life. With plenty of sea grass on either side of this protected reef it’s a great spot for turtle watching. You can usually find them snacking in the grass and follow them along to the reef.

From turtles to barracudas, you’ll see it all here! Don’t worry the barracudas aren’t interested in you, if you don’t look like a fish…..!

This being a protected reef, you’ll notice giant orange buoy’s surrounding the bulk of the reef. You ARE NOT allowed to swim in the center of those buoy's, you must remain on the outside of the protected area.

Don’t think this means you won’t see anything, you absolutely will. The edges of the reef span out for some distance in each direction to give you plenty of viewing opportunities. There's usually a few more people along this stretch of beach because of all the amenities. There’s still plenty of room for everyone to find comfortable space. You can hang out at the beach bar, rent a beach bed and umbrella and even snorkel gear. Or, simply sit and watch all the action around you. This is a fun spot to set up for the day with easy access to food, drinks and plenty of activities.

Bight Reef Turks and Caicos

Sunset Beach

Ok, so you want to be away from it all but not too far. Head east over to Sunset Beach in the Leeward Community. Far from any of the resorts, the Leeward Community is a wonderful area, with beautiful homes and villas. Sunset Beach is easy to get to as you simply travel east on Grace Bay Road. A beautiful stretch of white sand awaits with even brighter turquoise water than the center of Grace Bay. Whether it’s the lack of water activities or the way the sun hits, the colour of Sunset Beach is electric.

You can rent a beach bed and umbrella here but that’s it for amenities. You’ll have to pack your cooler and snacks before heading out for the day. If you don’t feel like packing a lunch, head back along Grace Bay Road to pick up some food. Sunset Beach is only a few minutes’ drive along Grace Bay Road. So,you’re still quite close to everything Grace Bay has to offer.

Sunset Beach Turks and Caicos

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Wherever your beach day adventure takes you, we know you'll make memories to last a lifetime.

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