Bight Beach Guide- Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


This Bight Beach Guide, provides all the essentials for a perfect day of free snorkeling and relaxation. From beach access, local amenities and eats, to snorkeling safety tips, we cover all you need to know to enjoy a great day at The Bight Beach.

a list of beach rules for turks and Caicos. The list includes: No lifeguard on duty, no fires, no off leas animals, no harming, feeding or touching the marine life, no harming, touching or stealing the coral, no fishing, no littering and watch out for boats.

Bight Beach Overview

The Bight Beach, also referred to as Bight Reef Beach or Coral Gardens Reef, is located towards the west end of the main Grace Bay Beach stretch.

It is one of the most popular spots for snorkeling right off the beach. And the best part, it’s FREE! 

With a spectacular section of reef accessible just a few steps into the water, you can enjoy a snorkel all the way around from one side to the other.

For those who haven’t snorkeled in a while or are just looking to get their fins wet, Bight Reef Beach is ideal for a practice run. It's an excellent spot for anyone looking to try snorkeling for the first time or to brush up on your skills before taking on a more adventurous snorkeling trip, like the half day sail and snorkel tours.

If you're like me—a self-confessed non-swimmer who tends to sink rather than float—the shallow waters make it a safe and confidence boosting spot to get into your snorkel rhythm. I always wear my inflatable life vest when snorkeling, which allows me to enjoy the water without extra stress.

Just to the left of the reef, you’ll often see turtles grazing in a large patch of seagrass. It’s always a great treat to spot them swimming along and having snacks in the grass. And every so often you’ll see their little heads bob up for some air.

We love hanging out in this section because it's usually a little less busy than around the edge of the actual reef.

Bight Reef (or Coral Gardens Reef) is a protected reef so you must stay outside the marked buoys. PLEASE REFER TO THE SIGNAGE AND RULES LISTED BELOW. If you stray inside, you’ll quickly be alerted by the blaring sound of whistles from the onshore security. It’s an area rich with sea life that deserves to be protected.

You can see the red buoys in the next couple of images to give you an idea of how it's laid out.

And don't forget your Reef Safe Sunscreen!

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A view of Bight Reef Beach, or coral gardens reef, taken from the shore. There is s stretch of white sand while a few people head into the shallows to do a little bit of snorkeling. You can see the darker patches of turquoise water to show where the reef starts and then further out you can see the red buoys which show the area that snorkelers need to stay on the outside of to protect the reef.

Who Is Bight Beach Ideal For?

Bight Reef Beach is a busy little spot that caters to a variety of beach goers. It's particularly appealing to those looking for a cost effective way to enjoy a bit of snorkeling. 

Bight Beach is completely FREE! And who doesn’t love that!! The lack of an entrance fee keeps your day at Bight Reef Beach both fun and budget friendly.

The beach is a hit with families thanks to its safe, shallow waters and the fun of snorkeling just steps off the beach. The excitement of spotting colorful fish and even turtles can make for an unforgettable day out for kiddos and adults alike.

Whether you're looking to explore all around the reef or you prefer to relax on the sand, Bight Reef Beach caters to couples and solo travelers too.

You can do as much or as little as you like. Byron and I enjoy setting up our beach gear here to watch the comings and goings of the day. We’ll snorkel if we feel like it and go for a float when it’s time to cool off. 

Don’t worry if snorkeling isn’t your thing. There's plenty of beach to enjoy without ever getting in the water (but who’s not going in that water?). You’ll easily find a perfect spot for sunbathing, reading, or just enjoying the ocean views.

Adjacent to Coral Gardens Resort, which is located directly in front of the reef, there’s a stretch of beach perfect for those who prefer to soak up the sun rather than snorkel.

Here, the beach offers plenty of space to lay out a towel or set up beach chairs, making it an excellent choice for a full day of relaxation by the sea even if the rest of your group are out in the water enjoying a snorkel. 

Even though Bight Reef Beach is typically a busier section of beach, we’ve never felt like it’s too crowded. There’s always enough space to the left of the reef to find your own little section. 

a close up of the shallows of Bight Reef beach in Turks and Caicos. YOu can see how clear the water is and how teh colors change as the reef begins to appear. Also in the image, are large red buoys showing the perimeter of the reef to signal the safe zone for snorkelers.

Bight Beach Conditions

At Bight Reef Beach, the action is mostly centered around Coral Gardens and Windsong Resorts. Here, the beach narrows, which tends to feel a little crowded on busier days, especially for those staying at those resorts.

As you move west past Coral Gardens, the beach expands again, offering more space for everyone. This is the area to the left of the reef that we talked about in the last section.

The beach conditions at Bight Beach mirror those of the greater Grace Bay Beach area. The sands are consistently powdery and soft, and the water maintains its crystal clear perfection. 

Further out from the shoreline, seagrass beds sway back and forth on the ocean floor. These patches are deep enough and far enough out that they don’t interfere with the enjoyment and clarity of the shallows but are also close enough for a bit of sea turtle spotting!

Chances are you’ll see a few little turtle heads pop up for a breath of air before diving down again. It’s a great spot for seeing the turtles so keep your eyes open for groups of snorkelers hovering over the grassy sections, they’ve likely got a sea turtle or two in their sights.

How To Get From Grace Bay To Bight Beach

Here is the quickest route to take you from the heart of Grace Bay (Seven Stars Roundabout) to The Bight Beach.

Bight Beach Access And Parking

Accessing Bight Beach is super easy, with the best entry point located at Coral Gardens Resort.

Using the map above, you can find convenient parking available on either side of the road leading up to the resort.

Parking here is always free, which is great news if you're sticking around for a good while.

This particular access point is fairly easy to spot. The Coral Gardens sign is low lying and sits against the hedges so keeping watch at eye level, you won’t miss it. This will point you directly to the nearby parking lane and beach access pathways.

Once you've parked, you're just a short walk alongside Coral Gardens Resort to the beach.

an image with a background that is entirely light turquoise water with a text overlay "bight beach amenities".

Bight Beach Amenities

There is no shortage of available amenities at Bight Beach. If you aren’t keen on packing all your beach day essentials, then you’ll love Bight Reef Beach

Sunbed And Umbrella Rentals

Please note that while the reef sits in front of Coral Gardens Resort, the sunbeds provided by the Coral Gardens resort are exclusively for the use of their guests and are not available for general rental.

Fortunately, for those heading over to Bight Reef Beach for the day or a few hours, renting sunbeds and umbrellas is an option.

Directly to the left of the pathway leading onto the beach, you’ll find a rental vendor set up to provide you with all the essentials for a perfect beach day. The going rate for two sunbeds and an umbrella is typically $50 USD for the entire day.This setup is worth the price if you’re planning to spend a full day at the beach.

In addition to sunbeds and umbrellas, this vendor also offers snorkel equipment rentals, including masks, snorkels, fins, and life vests. Prices are fixed, so while it might be tempting, haggling over the cost won’t get you far.

The young vendor running the stall is known for his serious approach to business, so it’s best to respect the posted prices. We’ve seen him in action and he’s great at running his biz!

For those who prefer to be more mobile or who don’t plan on staying long, bringing your own beach gear might be the better option. It gives you the flexibility to set up anywhere along the beach, particularly on the less crowded stretches to the left of the reef.

Water Sports

Bight Beach can be a busy spot at times for smaller boat excursions and activities.

At the far left of the reef, it’s common to see smaller boats arriving to pick up or drop off passengers for parasailing and banana boat rides. Occasionally, we’ve seen a catamaran dropping off from a half day sail and snorkel. Most operations will drop off at various points along Grace Bay Beach and Bight Reef Beach is no exception.

If you’re interested in joining a tour or trying out an activity, keep an eye out for the vendors who stroll along the beach. They're your go to for on the spot bookings. Simply flag one down to arrange your water sport adventure right then and there.

Or you can book directly through Viator to see a selection of similar excursions. Our Epic Excursions article can give you a few suggestions of some brilliant tours to consider.

Bathroom Facilities

When spending a day at Bight Reef Beach, having access to nearby bathroom facilities is a huge relief!

For visitors to Bight Beach, the most convenient option is located at Somewhere Cafe. This cafe is situated right on the beach at Coral Gardens Resort, just steps from the reef.

The bathrooms at Somewhere Cafe ARE accessible to beachgoers and are located just behind the entrance of the cafe. If you have trouble finding them, don't hesitate to ask a staff member; they're very helpful and can direct you right to them.

Located right on Bight Beach in Turks and Caicos, SOmewhere Cafe offers up some delicious eats. Here our image shows platters filled with nachos covered in cheese and jalapenos, their "dirty Fries" which are french fries covered in bbq pulled pork and cheese, and two fish tacos with a side of salsa. Our little  corks and tacos wallet and sunglass drawstring carry all is also on the table

Restaurants On Bight Beach

If you're looking to cure your hunger with some tasty food and drinks, Bight Reef Beach offers excellent nearby options for beachfront eats.

Somewhere Cafe is the top spot for a bite and a cocktail right on Bight Reef Beach. Being only steps away from your sunbeds, you can enjoy their tasty bites in a casual beach bar setting or take away to enjoy under your umbrella.

They’re known for their daily drink specials, with Margarita Mondays and a plate of their famous dirty fries and nachos being among our faves for a beach day snack! The convenience of ordering drinks to take out to your sunbeds adds to the relaxed, beachy vibe of the area.

Pink Bar at Wymara (located a little further along to the left of Coral Gardens) is another great spot for a drink and a quick snack. While it's not as close as Somewhere Cafe, it also offers great cocktails and a different menu and atmosphere. We particularly love their Frose!

It's important to note that while enjoying your food and drinks, maintaining the cleanliness of the beach is paramount. Always dispose of your trash properly to keep Bight Reef Beach pristine and welcoming for everyone (including marine life).

A view from the water looking back at the resorts situated in front of Bight Beach Turks and Caicos. The water is crystal clear with a white sandy floor and a few rocks settled to signify the closeness of the reef. There are turquoise umbrellas lining the shore with beach goers snorkeling in the water and others sitting at the waters edge.

Resorts On Bight Beach

Even though Bight Reef Beach is just west of the central resort hub of Grace Bay Beach, there’s still plenty of fabulous accommodations for you to enjoy. Here’s a closer look at your accommodation options near Bight Reef.

Coral Gardens and Windsong – Obviously, these resorts are your closest bets if you're looking to be right on The Reef. Both offer easy access to the beach and are perfectly located for those who plan to spend plenty of time snorkeling.

West Bay Club and Wymara Resort – Heading a bit further west, these resorts add a touch of extra glamour to your stay. They are a little walk away from the reef, but they’re worth it for the luxury and exceptional service they offer. Wymara Resort, in particular, is known for its sleek, modern design and upscale amenities.

You can view properties on the map below (see the coral lodging icons) to check out the spot that’s right for you.

Dangers And Safety Concerns

Bight Reef Beach is generally very safe, but like any beach, it's wise to be aware of your surroundings and follow local guidelines to ensure a pleasant visit.

Marine Life Safety

When snorkeling or swimming at Bight Reef Beach, you’ll obviously see a variety of marine life. It’s important to remember these creatures are in their natural habitat.

A sign situated on Bight Reef Beach outlining all the rules of snorkeling around the reef.

While it's exciting to the marine life up close, here are a few guidelines to ensure both your safety and theirs:

  • Stay Calm – The marine life is more scared of you than you are of them. Maintain a calm demeanor and avoid sudden movements that could startle them.
  • Look, Don't Touch – Touching or disturbing the marine animals can harm them and disrupt their natural behaviors. Observe from a distance and keep your hands to yourself.
  • No Feeding – Feeding wildlife can upset their diet and lead to unhealthy dependencies on humans, so refrain from offering any food.

By respecting these simple rules, you can enjoy the beauty of Bight Reef’s underwater world safely and responsibly.

Personal Water Safety

Bight Reef Beach is generally welcoming for swimmers of all levels, but taking precautions is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience in the water.

On days when the wind picks up, the waters can turn choppy, making swimming more challenging.

For those not as comfortable in the water or those like me who prefer an extra layer of safety, a life vest can boost your confidence and ensure you enjoy your snorkeling without worry. You can rent these from the vendor, or do what I do, and bring your own inflatable vest.

Also, be aware of the small to midsize rocks that jut out from the main reef area, close to the shoreline. These are mostly a concern when entering or exiting the water directly in front of the reef.

If you’re unsteady walking in your snorkel fins, or you’ve just taken them off, just be careful where you step to avoid stubbing a toe. 


Given its popularity and the frequent turnover of visitors, always be mindful of what you really need to bring with you to the beach.

If you don’t absolutely need an item for your beach day, leave it at your accommodation.

For items that you do bring along, such as phones, cameras, or drones, keep them well out of sight when not in use.

If you feel comfortable with the people sitting nearby, consider asking them to keep an eye on your belongings if you plan to venture far or go for a full snorkel around the reef. We've often minded other beach goers stuff and in return they've kept an eye on ours too.


Bight Beach is one of the top spots for beach access snorkeling spots in Providenciales. It's convenient, fun and full of natural beauty just like any other part of Turks and Caicos.

With its easy access to sunbed and umbrella rentals, a variety of water sports, and close proximity to some delish dining options, Bight Reef Beach ensures a day at the beach is as relaxing or as exciting as you desire.

As you plan your visit, remember to respect the local marine life, stay safe in the water, and keep your valuables secure.

For more insights and tips on enjoying the Turks and Caicos islands, be sure to explore our other beach guides. Or, if you're gearing up for a full day by the sea, don't miss our article on beach day must-haves to ensure you're perfectly prepared for your tropical adventure.

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