The Cost Of Alcohol In Turks and Caicos


It may come at no surprise that the cost of alcohol in Turks and Caicos is higher than some other Caribbean destinations. However, we have a few tips and suggestions to share to help keep that alcohol budget intact.

It's important to remember that when you find yourself on an island miles away from any mainland, everything comes with a heftier price tag, including alcohol. Turks and Caicos is no exception. As travelers from Canada, we're used to everything being expensive. Our local liquor store prices are high, nothing like the low price tags of most US grocery stores. So for us, when it comes to the cost of alcohol in Turks and Caicos, it is what it is.

But let's be honest, once you're there, the higher prices won't bother you as much. After all, you're in paradise! However, if you're looking to save a few dollars along the way, we've got some tips and insights to share when it comes to the cost of alcohol in Turks and Caicos.

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The cost of alcohol in Turks and Caicos. Two drinks at Coco Van.

Why Is Alcohol More Expensive In Turks and Caicos?

The Price Tag Of Living On An Island

As you know by now, being on an island means almost everything needs to be imported. From food to drinks, the entire import process comes with additional costs that contribute to higher prices compared to what you're used to back home.

The logistics, customs duties and transportation expenses involved in importing alcohol all play a role in the final price you pay at the bar. It's worth understanding why alcohol prices in Turks and Caicos are different from what you'd find in other destinations.

Where To Purchase Alcohol In Turks And Caicos

Grocery Stores VS Local Liquor Stores

If you’ve done any research on liquor prices on The Island, you’ve likely come across many photos of $70.00USD cases of Corona and $60.00USD cases of Budweiser. It’s true. IF you buy your liquor at the grocery store you’re going to pay higher prices than you are at local liquor stores.

Convenience often leads tourists to buy alcohol at grocery stores, but keep in mind that prices at the Graceway Gourmet and Graceway IGA tend to be higher than at local liquor stores. If you have a little extra time, venture out to The Wine Cellar, Wine Establishment, or Caribbean Beer and Spirits. These local liquor stores offer slightly lower prices and a wide range of options.

Beer Lovers Paradise – Turks Head Brewery

If you have access to a car or are open to taking a taxi, make your way to Turks Head Brewery. Not only will you get the best price on local beer, but you'll also experience some truly great beer. It's a win win situation! And if you have time, why not take a tour of the Brewery!

How Much Does Beer Cost In Turks And Caicos?

A 6pk of bottled Corona or Heineken will set you back around $22.00USD – $24.00USD. The local 6pk of bottled Turks Head Brew varieties will cost approximately $13.00USD – $15.00USD at the local grocery stores. This is an average of prices we found in 2023.

Dining out or grabbing a beer on the beach can be anywhere from $5.00USD to $9.00USD depending on where you order from. Choose the low key resorts for better beer prices or simply, bring that cooler with you on your beach day.

Beer Drinkers – Go Local And Save

While you can find a range of international beers on the island, your local beer (yes, even Bud Light) is now considered an international beer. So, expect to pay more than you would back home.

To get the best bang for your buck, opt for local Turks Head Beer. It's not only cheaper than imported varieties, but it also offers a great selection to satisfy every beer lover's taste buds.

Drinking At Resorts In Turks And Caicos

All Inclusive Bliss – Budget Free Drinking In Turks And Caicos

If you're staying at an all inclusive resort, you can indulge in unlimited drinks without worrying about the cost. Resort packages typically include a wide selection of alcohol options, allowing you to float along in a state of pure bliss.

Non All Inclusive Escapes – Sourcing Your Own Drinks In Turks And Caicos

For those who prefer non all inclusive resorts or vacation rentals like VRBOs, if you're like us, you enjoy having your our own cooler filled with wine and beer nearby. And on occasion, you'll want to treat yourself to a slushy drink at the bar when the heat becomes unbearable. But beware, ordering drinks at the bar in some of the beach front restaurants can come with hefty resort prices. To save a few dollars at these beach bars, always ask if there are any drink specials available.

Tips For Saving Money On Drinks In Turks And Caicos

Take Advantage Of Duty Free

Here's a savvy travel tip for those of you who like to have extra options on hand when you arrive. Pack a bottle in your suitcase and grab another one at duty free. It's a simple way to save a few dollars while enjoying your favorite drinks along the way. This does means checking a bag, but we usually do check a bag or two so it's no bother to throw in a bottle (wrapped in t shirts, if it's glass!)

Pack A Cooler For Beach Days

If you're like us, you never leave home without your trusty, collapsible cooler. A portable cooler is ideal for beach days, especially if you're heading away from Grace Bay Beach. Not all the beaches in Providenciales have amenities and food vendors, so you'll find your cooler coming in handy more often than not.

If you've picked up a bottle at duty free or from any of the spots listed above, it's easy to pack them in the cooler with some ice and set off for a relaxing day at the beach. You won't worry about heftier drink prices if you just being the drinks with you.

A cooler helps keep the cost of alcohol low in Turks and Caiacos

Collapsible Cooler

We always pack a portable cooler when we travel to Turks and Caicos. We love to explore The Island and find remote spots to stop for a picnic and a day at the beach. A collapsible cooler is a great way to keep your picnic snacks and drinks cold while enjoying all the fun in the sun.

How To Save On Fruity And Blended Cocktails

If you're a fan of fruity and blended cocktails, like we mentioned above, always ask if there's a drink special for the day. This can help you save a few bucks and still enjoy those refreshing tropical flavors. Another little tip, ask if they offer them in in a pitcher size? You usually get a better price on a pitcher rather than ordering multiples of the same.

Rum punch is always a popular choice and is typically cheaper than other fruity drinks. But be warned, it packs quite a punch!

Rum Punch usually runs at $8.00USD – $11.00USD, where other blended drinks are typically priced around $15.00USD – $16.00USD.

The Last Toast

Yes, the cost of alcohol is higher in Turks and Caicos, but does it stop you from having the most amazing holiday ever? Absolutely not! There are ways to save if you want.

When you're surrounded by the beauty of Turks and Caicos, the cost of a drink becomes secondary. So raise your glass, toast to an unforgettable holiday, and cherish the memories you're making in this tropical haven.

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