Grace Bay Beach Guide – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


Not sure what to expect when visiting Turks and Caicos’ most famous beach? Our Grace Bay Beach Guide provides all the insider tips and information you need to make the  most of your visit.

a list of beach rules for turks and Caicos. The list includes: No lifeguard on duty, no fires, no off leas animals, no harming, feeding or touching the marine life, no harming, touching or stealing the coral, no fishing, no littering and watch out for boats.

Grace Bay Beach Overview

Grace Bay Beach is the showstopper beach in Turks and Caicos and, no doubt, the main reason so many flock to this luxury destination. Hailed as the best beach, both in the Caribbean and the world by numerous travel magazines and Tripadvisors Travelers Choice Awards, it truly captivates everyone who visits. 

And trust us, it lives up to the hype. With miles of that postcard perfect, soft, white sand and clear, turquoise waters, it's the kind of beach you think of when someone says “tropical paradise.”

While Grace Bay Beach technically stretches 7-12 miles, we're focusing on the heart of Grace Beach for this guide; a 3 mile stretch (approximately) that spans the central location of Grace Bay.

Just to the east and west of the central Grace Bay hub, you’ll find Bight Reef Beach and Leeward/Sunset Beach, which we give you the lowdown in their respective guides. 

An image showing just how beautiful Grace Bay Beach is. The tuquoise water appears to go on forever and into the horizon. The forefont is edged in soft white sand with a few waves lapping to shore then the blue hues just drift on out to sea.

Our first visit to Grace Bay was back in 2014, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of spectacular. We've lounged on some pretty impressive beaches over the years, but nothing quite prepared us for the vast perfection we found in Grace Bay Beach.

The water is so clear, and the sand so inviting, it’s just hard to believe that such a large stretch of beach can be so perfect. Honestly, it was overwhelming. We immediately knew we found our “”Happy Place” the moment we laid eyes on Grace Bay Beach.

One thing you'll love about Grace Bay is it never feels too crowded. Even as Turks and Caicos  continue to grow in popularity, this beach has a way of offering everyone their own slice of paradise without having to elbow your way through a sea of tourists. You can always find a spot to lay out your towel, set up a beach chair, or take a stroll along the shore.

Who Is Grace Bay Beach Ideal For?

Grace Bay Beach is by far the most popular and most visited beach in Providenciales. It’s a true all rounder kind of beach, making it perfect for every kind of beach goer.

From families and couples to solo travelers, Grace Bay Beach suits a wide range of visitors.

Kids have plenty of space to play, while parents relax, and couples can enjoy a variety of available beach activities without feeling crowded.

Whether you're looking to stake out a quiet section with a book and a cocktail, or join in on some snorkeling or paddleboarding, Grace Bay Beach’s broad shoreline provides plenty of space for everyone. 

I know we say this often, but Grace Bay Beach’s wide expanse ensures it never feels overcrowded. We often see questions on social media asking why there aren’t many people on the beach or in the water from looking at images others have shared. It's because there's so much room!

The spaciousness of Grace Bay Beach is simply one of the reasons this beach rarely seems as populated as other tourist destinations.

A few white clouds dot the blue sky above the extreme calm water of Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos. There is barely a ripple in the ocean as the sand turns into an array of turquoise blue water without a crack.

Grace Bay Beach Conditions

The sand at Grace Bay Beach is fine, soft, and gloriously white, perfect for long walks, a morning run or building sandcastles. 

Most days, the water is calm and clear, perfect for floating with a drink in hand and ideal for swimming, floating, and snorkeling. You might occasionally spot a large stone or conch shell on the ocean floor but these are easily visible from the surface thanks to the insanely clear waters.

During the winter months, the sea can become more active with waves that bring a bit of excitement to your swim. It’s important to assess the conditions before jumping in, especially if you’re like me, not a strong swimmer. Always be mindful of water safety flags and follow the rules accordingly.

Throughout the year, the water temperature is pleasant, only feeling slightly cool during the initial dip in the winter months. By spring and summer, temperatures hover around 82-86 degrees, making it irresistible not to take a dip.

The clarity of the water is largely influenced by the nearby reef—the third-largest in the world—located about a mile offshore. This reef plays a critical role in buffering Grace Bay from larger waves and maintaining the sandy bottom that keeps the water so clear.

After a significant storm, the waters may turn slightly murky due to stirred sediments and increased wave activity, but this is temporary and typically clears up quickly.

Grace Bay Beach Access And Parking

All beaches in Turks and Caicos are public, including Grace Bay Beach. You can access the beach at various points along Grace Bay Road and Lower Bight Road.

With Grace Bay Beach being part of the Princess Alexandra National Park, beach access points are usually well marked. Typically you'll see this sign if you’re at a beach access point for Grace Bay Beach. Some are a little more weathered than others and can be harder to see.

The Princess Alexandra National Park Beach Access signs for access points to Grace Bay Beach. The sign is mainly white with the national parks logo in the top center and royal blue writing stating which park it is. Then the bottom section is royal blue with bold "BEACH ACCESS" signage. There are two large, dark brown wooden posts holding up the sign.

Parking at all major access points along Grace Bay Beach is free.

There are several well marked access points along Grace Bay Beach, commonly found next to resorts or restaurants. These include:

  • The Sands
  • Villa Renaissance
  • Seven Stars
  • Royal West Indies
  • Rickies Flamingo Cafe

Each of these locations are marked on the map below. Click on the blue beach umbrella icons for locations and zoom in for better viewing of where you can park.

If designated parking areas are full, parking at the adjacent resort (except at all inclusives) and walking through to the beach is often possible. We've done this quite often without hassle.

And don’t feel you need to stay on the section of beach directly in front of these access points, they are just public entry points. We often bring and set up our own beach equipment which means we’re always wandering around to find our perfect little spot to set up without obstructing views from the resorts. It’s easy to find a large open space to enjoy the beach privately.

A full background of pale turquoise water with the text "Grace Bay Beach Amenities" to signify the next section of the article.

Grace Bay Beach Amenities

Grace Bay Beach is well equipped with amenities to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable day at the beach.

Whether you're looking to lounge under the sun or partake in some water activities, you'll find everything you need right on the beach.

Sunbed and Umbrella Rentals

For guests staying at resorts along Grace Bay Beach, you'll have access to sunbeds and umbrellas provided by your accommodation. These are set up directly on the beach for your convenience.

If your resort isn't beachfront but close by, most have designated spots on the beach where you can find sunbeds and umbrellas reserved for their guests.

For those not staying in a resort, or if you prefer to explore different areas along Grace Bay Beach, there are several spots along the beach where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. 

Recent visits have shown rental locations next to The Sands, near the Seven Stars beach access, and at Rickies Flamingo Cafe. You can refer to these locations on our Beach Access Map above. Prices and availability can vary, so it's a good idea to arrive early (especially during peak season) to secure your spot. 

And, if you're not staying in a resort, but instead, a vacation rental, many provide beach chairs and umbrellas to guests. This is a handy if you plan to try different beaches during your stay.

Water Sports

Grace Bay Beach is the main hub for water sport adventures in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. There's a water activity for all levels of adventure on Grace Bay Beach.

Types of Water Sports and Activities

  • Non-motorized Water Sports: Many resorts along Grace Bay offer non motorized water sports as part of their amenities. These typically include paddleboarding, kayaking, and sailing on Hobie Cats. So, if you’re staying in a resort along Grace Bay Beach, you’ll have access to all these options.
  • Snorkel Tours and Sunset Cruises: Grace Bay is the pick up location for numerous group tours. Many have designated pick up spots along Grace Bay Beach in front of the resorts. Even if you’re not staying on Grace bay Beach, this is typically where you’ll start your adventures for these tours.
  • Banana Boat Rides and Parasailing: For those seeking more thrilling activities, banana boat rides/Great Big Mable and parasailing are readily available. You’ll see the various operations coming in and out picking up passengers along Grace Bay Beach

For those interested in motorized water sports like jet skiing, these are available from other nearby beaches, as they are not permitted on Grace Bay. 

Where to Book Water Sports Excursions and Rentals

We like to use Viator as a safe and reliable booking company.

Most water sports rentals and tour bookings can be handled directly through your resort. If you're not staying at a resort, or prefer to book before you arrive (best for prime availability,) all popular options are available online.

Also, many vendors can be found walking along the beach. As frequent flyers with Key To The Sea Parasailing, you’ll see their staff walking the beach in bright, long sleeve shirts with their name on the back. They’re legit, so don’t be shy to stop them and ask for info.

Bathroom Facilities

Even though there aren't specifically designated public restrooms along the beach itself, you can still access many washrooms along Grace Bay Beach.

Many of the resorts and their restaurants along Grace Bay provide bathroom facilities that are easily accessible from the beach. It’s common courtesy to check for any signs indicating restrictions like “guests only,” but generally, these facilities are quite accessible.

Based on our experiences, several places are known for being accommodating even if you're not a guest at the resort.

Beach restaurant access to the likes of Rickies, Ocean Club and Ocean Club West, Seven Stars, and Hemingway's at The Sands (in our experience) have been welcoming to beachgoers needing to use the facilities for a quick bathroom break.

Remember, it's good practice to perhaps buy a small item like a drink or snack as a thank you for using the facilities if you're not a guest. This keeps the relationship positive and ensures access remains open for everyone enjoying the beach. A rum punch from Rickies or a Mango Daiquiri from Hemingways, never goes amiss! 

Stopping in at Just Tacos on Grace Bay Beach for a refreshing drink. A simple little beach break location that's mainly white with a royal blue countertop and beach looping around it. There are large royal blue poof chairs to sit on. Kerry is in the picture wearing a black swim cover up and holding her Turks Head beer proudly for a cheers!

Restaurants On Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach is surrounded by fantastic dining options that keep you close to the sand and surf. You can also bring your own picnic to the beach, and enjoy your food and drinks.

Just remember to be mindful of alcohol consumption and to clean up after yourself to keep the beach pristine.

For those days when you want your beach day to stay, well beachy, with minimal interruption, there are several “just off the beach” restaurants and bars that offer tasty meals and strong drinks with a view.

Here are a few of our casual favorites that are perfect for a beachside bite:

  • Rickies – Super laid back, typical beach bar type of vibe. Great local cuisine at great prices.
  • Cabana Bar at Ocean Club and Solana at Ocean Club West – These spots are great for a drink or a casual meal right by the water.
  • Just Tacos at Grace Bay Club – Perfect stop on a beach walk for a cold one and some killer tacos. The snapper tacos are our fave!! That's me (Kerry) in the pic above at Just Tacos.
  • The Deck at Seven Stars – A more lux vibe with awesome views and open air dining.
  • Hemingways at The Sands – Relaxed atmosphere and great food, right off the beach. Great drinks here too!

If you’re up for a short stroll, Grace Bay Road offers even more options. Places like Tribe, Turks Kebab, and Graceway Gourmet are perfect for picking up delicious to-go meals that you can enjoy right on the beach. This way, you can quickly get back to your spot on the sand with a picnic that keeps everyone happy and fed without any fuss.

The view looking from Ocean Club Resort on Grace Bay Beach. The lush green forefront is backed by beautiful pink beach umbrellas and sunbeds that look out onto the turquoise waters of Grace Bay Beach.

Resorts On Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach is the heart of Providenciales and where the majority of the island’s resorts are located. When you’re searching for resorts during your stay, this is the area that will show on the results page. 

On Grace Bay Beach you can choose from a wide range of accommodations, ranging from luxurious five star resorts to a few more budget friendly option resorts.

Whether you're in search of lavish amenities or a cozy, more ‘feels like home” spot, Grace Bay Beach offers a wide selection that caters to all preferences.

Click on the coral colored lodging icons on the map below to see all the resorts along this beautiful stretch of beach.

Dangers And Safety Concerns

Grace Bay Beach is as safe as it is stunning, but like any natural beach area, it's smart to keep a few safety tips in mind.

Marine Life

The waters of Grace Bay are crystal clear, making it easy to spot the marine life that calls this place home. You might see schools of fish, the occasional stingray gliding by, or even turtles if you're lucky.

If you’re really lucky Jojo The Dolphin, or his girlfriend and Baby Scooter will come for a little social visit. Although it’s tempting, please, please do not touch or feed them. A visit from any of them is such a magical treat so let’s not ruin their encounters with human touch.

It's important to respect these creatures by keeping a safe distance—no touching or chasing.

Please remember, you're a guest in their home.

Personal Safety

When enjoying the waters of Grace Bay, best to be aware of your surroundings. Whether you're swimming out a bit further or just floating near the shore, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Watch for Boat Traffic: Grace Bay is usually a buzz with activities, including banana boat rides and other inflatable fun. These boats come and go frequently, especially in the busier sections of the beach and during peak holiday seasons. While there are markers that designate swimming areas, it’s wise to keep an eye out for any approaching boats when you're swimming or out for a kayak adventure or on a paddleboard.
  • Stay Alert Near Shore: For those who love a leisurely float close to the shore, it’s usually very relaxing and without any interuptions, but still, keep an eye on the traffic from smaller boats. They often come near the shore to pick up or drop off passengers. The boat operators are skilled and will give you plenty of notice, but staying alert helps ensure you and others can share the water safely.

Boat traffic on Grace Bay Beach is nothing like you’ll find in Cancun or Aruba for example, but just always keep an eye out.

The ocean floor here is mostly sandy and easy to walk on, but keep an eye out for the odd large rock or a hidden conch shell, which are easy to spot in the clear water. Like we mentioned earlier, any  obstructions are easily seen at the surface, so you’ll be fine.


While Grace Bay Beach is generally a safe place to relax and enjoy the day, it's always wise to be cautious and use common sense with your belongings, especially when you plan to leave them unattended on the beach.

We’ve personally never experienced any issues with the safety of our belongings here, but it's important to take preventive measures.

If you're like us and enjoy heading out for a float, your beach gear will likely be left unattended. 

Always make sure to cover and tuck away valuable items such as phones, wallets, or cameras. Even if you are staying at a resort, it’s a good practice not to leave anything valuable out in the open that might tempt passersby.

We find that we can keep an eye on our things from the water, but adding that extra layer of security by concealing your possessions can prevent them from being an easy target.


Grace Bay Beach truly lives up to its reputation as one of the world's most spectacular beaches.

With its soft, white sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters, it offers something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful day of relaxation or a bit of excitement on the water, Grace Bay Beach is the perfect spot for an unforgettable beach day.

We've hopefully covered everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Grace Bay Beach, but don't let your exploration of Provo stop here.

Check out our other beach guides for more hidden gems in Turks and Caicos, or pick up some items from our beach day must-haves to ensure you're perfectly prepared for an epic day by the sea.

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