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The Price You Pay To Drink In Turks and Caicos


It’s important to remember you’re on an Island miles away from any other mainland. Almost EVERYTHING must be imported to The Island. With that comes a heftier price tag than what you’re used to. Including alcohol.

It is what it is and to be honest, once you’re there, you really don’t mind. For us traveling from Canada, we’re used to everything being expensive. Our regular liquor store prices are high, nothing like the low price tags of most US grocery stores. Those kind of low prices just don’t exist most other places in the world so……..again, it is what it is.

Travel Tip:
Pack a bottle in your suitcase and pick up a bottle at duty free. May as well save a few dollars along the way.

If you’re at an All Inclusive you don’t have to worry, you’ll be floating along in no time.

But for those of us who stay at non inclusive resorts or VRBO’s, we like to keep a supply of our own wine and beer close by and order up a slushy drink at the bar when it gets too hot. If you prefer to order up at the bar, then you’re looking at regular hotel prices for most drinks. Always ask if there’s a drink special that day to save a few dollars on fruity or blended cocktails. Rum punch flows at every establishment and is usually cheaper than most other fruity drinks. It also packs a helluva punch if you know what we mean? Another little tip, if you like fruity drinks, ask if they offer them in in a pitcher size? Usually a better price than ordering multiples of the same. Beer drinker? While you can order a wide range of international beers (keep in mind, your local beer is now an international beer) you’ll still pay a little more than you would in most North American cities. Best bet is to order a local Turks Head Beer. Much cheaper than other imported varieties and they have a great selection for every taste. All in all, if you’re planning to order drinks at the bars and restaurants, you’re still looking at somewhat higher prices than your average bar.

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If you’re more of a ‘pack a cooler and head to the beach kind’ of traveller, then definitely make sure you avail of the travel tip above. Like we said before, prices are what they are. If you’ve done any research on liquor prices on The Island, you’ve likely come across many photos of $70.00USD cases of Corona and $60.00USD cases of Budweiser. It’s true. IF you buy your liquor at the grocery store you’re going to pay higher prices than you are at local liquor stores. All the tourists pick up a case of beer and a couple bottles of wine at the grocery store because it’s convenient. And you know what? It is convenient. But if you have a little extra time, head to The Wine Cellar, Wine Establishment and Caribbean Beer and Spirits to save a few extra dollars. There’s many local liquor stores with slightly lower prices.

Beer Drinker Tip:
If you have a car or open to taking a taxi, it's worth heading to Turks Head Brewery to purchase your local beer at the best price. Turks Head Beer is a great choice for saving a few bucks AND it's great beer! WIN WIN!!

So all in all, prices are higher than you’re used to. Does this stop you from having the most amazing holiday ever? Nope! There are ways to save if you want, but honestly, once you’re on Island Time, you’re not going to care how much you're paying for a drink at sunset. Cheers!

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