Turks Kebab Restaurant Review – Turks and Caicos


ADDRESS: Allegro Road between Seven Stars Resort and Leeward Highway.

PARKING: Yes, onsite parking lot.

CUISINE: Fresh and healthy Mediterranean (Turkish, Greek) classics. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options.

PRICE POINT: Lunch and Dinner $7 – $28

WHAT TO WEAR:   Very casual. Not fussy in a good way. Smart casual also works if you’re out for dinner (sun dresses or nice shirt and shorts).

RESERVATIONS: Recommended for large groups.

HAPPY HOUR: No, BUT regular cocktail prices $10 – $14


Set The Table

If you’re looking for a healthy, hearty and delicious meal that doesn’t break the budget, then look no further than Turks Kebab.

Turks Kebab is a casual outdoor dining restaurant that, although is not waterfront, still boasts plenty of island charm and breezy, beachy vibes. Open air seating under a bright and light pergola sets the perfect stage for your equally bright and full of flavor meal.

Turquoise chairs and weathered table set the scene at this friendly restaurant in Turks and Ciacos.

Picture courtesy of Turks Kebab

Turquoise chairs and purposefully weathered tables line the perimeter of the restaurant and lead around to a fantastic open and airy back bar. While the decor is simple, it's the perfect choice for this “feel at home eatery.” The cozy and laid back atmosphere of Turks Kebab is what makes it a friendly and inviting place to hang out with friends and enjoy a great meal.

A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, Turks Kebab should be on your restaurant list the next time you visit Turks and Caicos.

Raise A Glass

If you like a pre-dinner cocktail you're sure to be impressed with Turks Kebabs fun and full cocktail list. All your favorite island concoctions shaken and blended as well as a few deliciously potent Cointreau Margaritas! Being self appointed margarita connoisseurs, we of course, head straight to the margarita section of the menu!

Classic and Mango Margaritas at Turks Kebab.

We always start with a Classic Margarita and work our way towards a Mango or Spicy Jalapeno. You can tell so much about a margarita when you order the classic. Is it the real deal or made from a premix?

It must be fresh ingredients for us and we can say without a doubt, that Turks Kebab Margaritas are legit! They are the perfect blend of sweet and tarty!

Classic and Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas before the open back bar.

On that note, if you like a Spicy Margarita like I do (Byron not so much), then you'll love Turks Kebab Spicy Jalapeno Margarita. It IS spicy but not overpowering spicy. You still get all the flavor of the Classic, but it's jacked up that little bit extra with the Jalapeno and I'd say, perhaps a little Jalapeno Juice in there too? Maybe? I can say it's one of the nicest Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas I've had…and I've had a lot….HA!

Workin Hard For The Marg!

We're pretty sure this picture needs no explanation, however, let us tell you about the fun you can have at Turks Kebab.

Pedal powered margarita blender at Turks Kebab

Yes, as you can see, you can blend your own margarita on a bicycle! How fun is that? They strap the blender in (but not you, so don't have too many before you try this!) and then you blend till your heart's content with the pedals. Clearly, proper footwear is not required…HAHA! Don't worry though, it doesn't take too long to blend so you won't need a shower or anything after it LOL!

It's a great little addition that simply adds to the fun atmosphere of Turks Kebab. If you're heading out with a group, definitely give this a try, it's a great laugh. And the entire restaurant will be cheering you on! Who doesn't love a cheering squad?

A Fresh Start

To be completely honest, we haven't fully experienced a lot of the starters at Turks Kebab. Not because we don't want to, but simply because we know we're going to clear our main course plates!

When we do feel the need for some extra tasty treats, we usually order a plate of Hummus and Pita Chips or Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and Pita Chips.

Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and Pita Chips at Turks Kebab

Picture courtesy of Turks Kebab

The Hummus and Pita Chips is a great appetizer to get those taste buds revved up for your main course. Not a huge portion, just enough to realize you're hungry, if you know what I mean?

The hummus is velvety smooth and always tastes freshly made. Lots of garlic and lemon, its a perfect starter. The pita chips are light with a toasted outer edge and soft centre making them the perfect vessel for scooping up all that delicious hummus.

Even if you don't finish all your hummus, don't let the servers clear it away. We've always found ways to add the extra to our main dishes. Can't let all that flavor pass you by!

The Main Event

Without a doubt, our favorite menu item at Turks Kebab is any of the Chicken Shish Kebab options. You can choose a Chicken Shish Kebab Wrap, Tacos or a simple Chicken Shish Kebab Plate. Tender marinated chicken on skewers, green salad and rice.

We've tried all three ways and each one is a good as the other. If you're in the mood for a lighter meal, have the Chicken Shisk Kebab Plate. If you're really hungry, have the wrap or tacos. All are equally delicious, you can't go wrong.

Chicken Shish Kebab Plate. Tender marinated chicken, fresh green salad and rice

Each skewer is packed with hearty chicken chunks and a few vegetables. The chicken is absolutely packed with incredible authentic flavors, tender and juicy, not rubbery, like a lot of kebabs can be. The essence of the grill is not overpowering, it just adds that delicate amount of char flavor.

A very fresh green salad compliments the skewers with a portion of Greek Dressing on the side. I'm always impressed at how crisp the salad is at Turks Kebab. It's never been wilted in our experience. A little mound of white fluffy rice accompanies the dish giving the chicken a little extra heartiness without making it too heavy. The perfect amount of rice to complete the dish.

Sweet Talkin

We have some bad news….Truth be told, we're usually too full to order dessert! On our next trip, we promise, we'll save room for dessert and update this post. We know you love having all the inside scoop, so we will do our best to get you all the deets as soon as we can! OR, perhaps if any of you reading this have been to Turks Kebab and managed to save room for dessert, we'd love to welcome you to share your dessert thoughts in the comments below.

Secret Ingredient

Turks Kebab is a quick hop and a jump from Seven Stars Resort or in general, the centre Grace Bay Area. It's very easy to get to and with parking on site, there's no fussing when you arrive.

Fabulous wall mural at Turks Kebab

If you have to wait for a table, not to worry. Either head to the bar area in the back and enjoy one of their specialty cocktails or head out front to the wall murals and giant chair for some super fun photo ops!

Oversized chair makes for great photos.

Wrap Up The Takeaway

Something that has always stood out to us at Turks Kebab is the freshness and quality of each dish. From simple starters to main dish platters, we have never been disappointed in our meals.

Not only can we boast of fresh ingredients, we can also say, the value for your dollar at Turks Kebab is truly hard to beat. As you can see from our overview at the top of this page, the prices at Turks Kebab are some of the most reasonable prices you will find in Providenciales. They aren't skimping on portion sizes to keep those prices down either. We assure you, you will be full and satisfied when you leave.

And unless you're actually placing an order to go, we're pretty sure you won't have any leftovers to takeaway… It's that good.

Empty plates and fully bellies at Turks Kebab

We always try to visit Turks Kebab at least twice each trip! We hope you get a chance to try this little gem of a restaurant on your next trip!

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