Since our first trip, we've been sharing our love and passion for Turks and Caicos with everyone and anyone who will listen. From beautiful lazy beach days to jumping off abandoned shipwrecks, we want you to experience it all. Our aim is to share as much as we possibly can through our website to ensure you make the most of your first trip to the “Beautiful By Nature”, Turks and Caicos Islands.


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A Little Bit About Us…

We’re Kerry and Byron, a couple of Canadians who try to escape the snow as often as possible.  Follow along with us as we guide you through the “Beautiful By Nature”, Turks and Caicos Islands!  You won’t be disappointed.

Byron and I stumbled upon Turks and Caicos while thumbing through an in flight magazine.  We were en route home from another travel adventure when we came upon a photo with the most magical turquoise water.  Our jaws literally dropped!  I pointed to the picture and said to Byron, “this is where we’re going next!” No sooner were we home and googling all things Turks and Caicos!  We had never even heard of Turks and Caicso before this, but we sure made up for for our lack of knowledge with hours of research and daydreaming till we were ready to get on the flight for our first trip.

That was quite a few years ago and well, it’s safe to say we’ve been spoiled to go anywhere else ever since.  When you see that turquoise water for the first time, nothing prepares you for how breathtaking it is and the impact it will have on you.  No picture we’ve seen since, can come close to the actual colour of the beautiful turquoise water in Turks and Caicos.

We fell in love with the Island on that trip…

Beach Fun At Little Water Cay

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to see as much, do as much, eat as much, drink as much and mingle as much as we possibly can!  We’ve met some of the most amazing people along the way, many who we proudly call our Island Family.

We've created our site to share our love and passion for Turks and Caicos with you. We want you to experience all the wonderful things this Island has to offer, just as we have. We look forward to you exploring our site and gaining a few tips and tricks for planning along the way. We’re sure you’re going to love Turks and Caicos just as much as we do!

A Glimpse at our first trip to Turks and Caicos

Thanks for stopping by!

~Kerry and Byron~