How To Get From Providenciales Airport To Grace Bay


Unsure how to navigate from Providenciales Airport to Grace Bay upon arrival? Our guide details the most popular transportation options and where to locate them, ensuring a seamless start to your Turks and Caicos adventure.

At Providenciales Airport, the bustle, especially if arriving on the weekend, can be overwhelming for newcomers. Our experience as frequent visitors to Turks and Caicos will ensure your journey from Providenciales Airport To Grace Bay is as smooth as possible.

You may have planned out how you're going to get around Providenciales once you're settled in to your resort. But often overlooked, is how you're getting from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay.

Our guide will help you choose the best option to get you from the airport to Grace Bay.

International arrivals entrance at Providenciales airport in Turks and Caicos. Two people are entering into the immigration and customs hall before starting their vacation. This is where the journey begins before heading from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay.

Overview Of Providenciales Airport

Providenciales may be smaller than other popular tropical destination airports, and that is the main reason it gets congested on busy weekend travel days. But being small in size also makes it easy to navigate, even for those visiting for the first time.

During our years of traveling to PLS, we’ve seen notable improvements along the way, at least in the arrivals area anyways. More staff at immigration kiosks and large air conditioning units definitely make the immigration process much more comfortable after a long flight.

As you disembark from your aircraft onto the tarmac, airport staff will guide you directly to the immigration and customs hall. It’s a typical, large open space with rows of stanchions guiding the passengers along.

Here, depending on your arrival day, you may encounter varying wait times. But whether the lines are long or short, this is where your passport gets stamped, and you collect your luggage.

Baggage claim at Providenciales Airport is straightforward, with two small conveyor belts. Often, you'll find your luggage neatly lined up, ready to be picked up as you pass through immigration.

The customs process is standard, involving a quick check of your paperwork before you exit the airport.

There are washrooms available in both the immigration hall and baggage claim area – a handy tip for those in need after a long flight.

Some travelers prefer to avoid the immigration lines at all costs. If you're one of them, and you'd prefer to pay for a quicker exit from the airport to Grace Bay, the Airport Arrival Fast Pass is for you.

Transportation Options From Providenciales Airport To Grace Bay

Arriving at Providenciales International Airport (PLS) is your first step into the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Located in downtown Provo, it's just a short 15-20 minute drive along Leeward Highway from the heart of Grace Bay Beach.

As you exit the airport, you'll find a range of transportation options to get you from the airport to Grace Bay.

The main methods of transportation from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay are:

  • Taxis – The most readily available option at the airport. Taxis are typically large passenger vans, often shared with other travelers heading to nearby resorts.
  • Resort Shuttle Services – Some resorts also offer their own shuttle services, which might be complimentary or at an additional cost. Please refer to your resort for full service details.
  • Rental Car – Many car rental companies offer services ranging from onsite pickups to shuttle services to offsite facilities.
  • Private Transfers – For a more exclusive experience, private transfers offer pre scheduled, luxury vehicle service. These upscale SUV’s provide a comfortable and private journey to your resort.

Over our years of traveling to Turks and Caicos, we've experienced these options firsthand. From taxis and resort shuttles to rental cars. Each mode of transport offers its unique advantages, depending on your needs and preferences.


Taxis at Providenciales Airport are readily available and the most popular choice for travelers heading to Grace Bay.

Where To Get Your Taxi From Providenciales Airport

Upon exiting the airport, you'll easily spot the taxi line up to the left of the main door. They are conveniently located and hard to miss. You'll find your ride without any confusion.

In Turks and Caicos, official taxis are typically large white passenger vans, much different than the smaller yellow cabs you might be used to.

Sharing Taxis Is The Norm At Providenciales Airport

Ride sharing taxis are typical in Turks and Caicos, especially from the airport. Taxis often operate on a shared basis, meaning you’ll most likely be sharing your ride with other paying customers heading to the same resort or adjacent resort. 

This can lead to slight wait times, usually between 5-15 minutes, or longer on busy weekend travel days. While this might add some time to your journey, it's still an efficient option for those who prefer not to drive on the island.

You also have the option to hire a private taxi service for your group, instead of waiting for the shared ride. This option won't necessarily cost less than the prices listed below, but it may speed up your exit from the airport to Grace Bay and ensure your group is traveling together.

Taxi Fares From Providenciales Airport To Grace Bay

“How much is a taxi from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay?” is one of the most common questions asked when visiting Turks and Caicos.

The fare to central Grace Bay for two persons is typically between $28 – $38. The driver or taxi attendant at the airport should give you the price before you get in. If not, don’t be afraid to ask before accepting the ride. 

It's important to note that Grace Bay is a large area and should you be staying further along than the main Grace Bay central hub, you will be paying on the higher end of this spectrum. 

Here is a sample of approximate taxi fares from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay and other areas of the island, should your accommodations be located elsewhere.

This price list is subject to change.


These rates are based on shared fares based on two travelers in your group. Extra travelers will usually pay half this fare. Children aged two and over will pay the same rate as adults. Those booking private taxi services will pay higher than the rates provided here.

These rates have been sourced via and

Pre Booked Taxi Options

Another option, should you be traveling with a small group and don't want to wait in the taxi line, is to prebook a taxi. You can choose from the same white passenger vans as described above or a luxury suburban vehicle. You can find more details on the luxury private transfers below.

If pre booking a taxi, you will find your driver to the right of the exit, instead of the left.

Please ensure you have your phone turned on in case your driver is experiencing delays getting into the airport pick up area. They will communicate with you via text or WhatsApp to keep you posted on their location.

If you plan to use taxis as your main transportation option for traveling around Providenciales, our detailed guide offers essential information for first time visitors.

Resort Shuttle Services

Several resorts offer shuttle services from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay. Please be aware that some resorts offer this pick up service complimentary (luxury resorts such as Amanyara) while others will charge a fee. This shuttle fee is typical, as the shuttle is a taxi service, booked by the resort.

Confirming Shuttle Availability

Before your trip, it's crucial to confirm with your resort whether they actually offer shuttle service.

If they do, most will require you to inform them of your flight details in advance, so they can schedule the shuttle accordingly.

Now in saying this, on our first journey, we were newbies who hadn’t booked the shuttle to our resort. We were planning on taking a taxi had it not been for an efficient staff member asking where we were staying. She then pointed us in the direction of a resort shuttle line up which ended up saving us a few dollars. I think she was just hurrying us out of the way, but it was a win for us!

Where To Get Your Resort Shuttle From Providenciales Airport

After exiting the airport, head to the right where you'll find resort/airport staff holding signs for the various resorts.

If you don't spot yours immediately, don't hesitate to ask any of the sign holders for assistance. They're there to help and will guide you to your designated shuttle area.

Shuttle Schedules And Wait Times

Resort shuttles in Turks and Caicos typically operate based on the flight schedules of their guests, rather than around the clock schedules.

While resorts strive to accommodate all guests arriving simultaneously, there might be instances where you have to wait briefly for additional shuttles to get through some traffic congestion at the arrivals area. This is common during peak travel times when the airport experiences multiple aircraft arriving at the same time.

Generally, the wait time for the shuttle on busy days is still shorter than the regular taxi line.

Rental Car Services

For those who prefer the freedom of exploring at their own pace, renting a car in Turks and Caicos is a popular choice.

At Providenciales Airport, you'll find a variety of car rental options, including well known global agencies and reputable local companies.

Where To Pick Up Your Rental Car At Providenciales Airport

Local favorites like Grace Bay Car Rentals offer the convenience of having their rental lot just outside the airport's main door. This immediate accessibility makes it incredibly easy to start your journey from Providenciales Airport to Grace Bay.

A selection of other local rental services also provide efficient airport parking lot drop off options. Arrangements for this service will be made in advance of your trip and you will be given directions on where to find your car rental in the on site parking lot. 

We’ve used both local and global rental companies in Providenciales. Our full rental car guide can offer you more insights into which options may be best for you and your group. 

Shuttle Services To Offsite Rental Car Locations

While not all rental companies are located directly onsite, they are just a quick shuttle ride away.

As you exit the customs hall, you'll notice several car rental kiosks right in front of you. If your rental company isn't listed, don't hesitate to ask any of the agents. They're happy to direct you to the appropriate shuttle pick up point.

Then, as you step out of the main airport doors, turn to the right. Here, you'll see vans with rental company logos or staff holding signs for various rental agencies. These shuttles will get you to your chosen rental company's office, where you can complete your paperwork and begin your adventure.

We always keep a few dollars on hand for a tip when we take the rental car shuttles. The drivers are lifting a ton of luggage each trip, so a few extra dollars is appreciated. 

Private Transfer Services

For those seeking a touch of luxury and personalized service, private transfers are an excellent choice for traveling from Providenciales Airport to Grace Bay. 

Meeting Your Private Transfer At Providenciales Airport

Upon arrival at Providenciales Airport, your private transfer service will typically meet you directly outside the arrivals area. Most likely, the driver will have a sign with your name on it, or the name of the car service.

For visitors arriving by private aircraft or yacht, luxury transport services extend their exclusive services to FBOs and marinas, ensuring ease of transport from arrival to your final destination in the islands.

Book A Private Transfer In Advance

Private vehicle transfers (or luxury VIP transport) in Providenciales, must be arranged in advance. Unlike taxis, these services are pre-booked and not available to simply “hail down” at the airport.

There are several reputable companies offering upscale SUVs like Chevy Suburbans and Cadillac Escalades.

When you book a private transfer, you can expect a high level of luxury and comfort. These services typically offer more space, privacy, and a higher level of service compared to standard taxis or shuttles.

Private Transfer Rates From Providenciales Airport To Grace Bay

Rates typically run around $150.00+ USD one way. And you can book either one way or round trip services from the airport to Grace Bay.

The rates for private transfers and taxis can be similar when comparing costs for those traveling with multiple family members or groups.

These “VIP type” services are a popular choice for Providenciales airport transfers as they provide direct service to your accommodations. On busy travel days these services can offer relief to families or groups looking for a quicker exit from the airport to their destination in Grace Bay. 

Choosing The Best Transportation Option for Your Needs

As you plan your exit from Providenciales Airport to Grace Bay, your choice of transportation can set the tone for your entire trip. Whether you opt for the convenience of taxis, the freedom of a rental car, the comfort of resort shuttles, or the luxury of private transfers, each option offers its own benefits to suit different travel styles and needs.

Taxis – Taxis are the most popular choice of transport from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay. It's an easy and stress free option, especially if you're not looking to rent a car during your stay.

Resort Shuttles – If your resort offers the service, it's worth inquiring about for pick up. You may just save yourself a few dollars like we did.

Rental Cars – If you're like us and want the freedom to explore, it's easiest to get your car at the airport, before you head to Grace Bay. If you don't want to be spending money on taxis every day during your stay, we'd recommend you rent a car for a more budget friendly vacation.

Private Luxury Transfers – Ideal for those looking for VIP treatment, high end service and a quicker exit from Providenciales airport to Grace Bay. Or, if you're traveling in a group of four or more, a private car service may be a more cost effective option.

We encourage you to choose the option that aligns best with your preferences, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your adventure in Turks and Caicos.


Often, the journey from the airport to your accommodations is an overlooked detail that can add unexpected delays and costs to your trip. By understanding your options in advance, you can plan more effectively and budget accordingly.

We hope this guide has offered valuable insights into your transportation choices from Providenciales Airport to Grace Bay, ensuring your Turks and Caicos adventures start smoothly and without any hassle.

For more detailed insights and practical tips, we invite you to explore our in depth transportation guides.

These resources are packed with valuable information to assist you in making the best choices for getting around Turks and Caicos.

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