Mango Reef Restaurant Review – Turks and Caicos


ADDRESS: Turtle Cove Marina

PARKING: Yes, a large parking lot sits before the entrance to the restaurant.

CUISINE: Caribbean, International.  Specializes in fresh local flavors and seafood with a selection of international favorites.  Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options available. 

PRICE POINT: APPROX $10 – $55 (lobster season items tend to be higher)

WHAT TO WEAR:  Bar seating – casual.  Restaurant seating – casual/smart casual (sun dresses or nice shirt and shorts)

RESERVATIONS: Recommended for groups.

HAPPY HOUR: 4:00pm – 7:00pm daily. Drinks only.


Set The Table

Mango Reef is a must visit restaurant for anyone traveling to Turks and Caicos.  Situated at the entrance of Turtle Cove Marina, Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar is a light and bright establishment oozing with Caribbean eats and charm.  Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch before a day out on the water or enjoying a romantic night with your plus one, Mango Reef can cater to every occasion.

The restaurant sits at the waters edge with tall, twinkle lit palm trees lining the perimeter. The simple and airy Caribbean decor is as welcoming as the staff that greets you. White and blue table cloths blow in the breeze as Caribbean tunes play softly in the background. The conversation and laughter of other diners is infectious as it carries across the water.

Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar from the water.

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by delightful staff eager to seat you and hear what brings you to The Islands. Every customer gets treated like family. Whether you’re experiencing the restaurant for the first time or for your 21st time.

Regardless if you’re seated at the bar or in the main dining area, you’ll enjoy fantastic service from the Mango Reef Staff.

Great Seating at Mango Reef

Raise A Glass

The servers are efficient, fun and well versed in the vast selection of menu options. That includes the drinks menu! Treat yourself a local cocktail or mocktail while perusing the dinner menu.

The specialty drinks menu is full of your island favorites as well as some fun, must try concoctions. 
We always start with a ‘Fancy Panties’, and whether that’s because it’s really good or just that we feel like school kids ordering it, we have yet to decide! But, we keep ordering it, so it must be good!

It's a mix of vodka, lemonade, a splash of grenadine and sparkling wine. Sounds delicious right?

Drinks at Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar

The Main Course

Always ask your server what they recommend for starters and main courses, especially if it’s your first visit. Be open to trying new things. If there’s a “Special” dish being offered in the evening, give it some consideration as it likely includes the fresh catch of the day brought in by one of the fishing vessels docked in the Turtle Cove Marina. 

Catch of the day at Mango Reef

Let it be known that we usually make more than one trip to Mango Reef Restaurant. One, to enjoy our favorite dishes and another(and possibly another after that) to try new things.

The Blackened Thai Simmered Tiger Prawns is our MUST HAVE dish at least once a trip (middle pic above). If the tiger prawns aren’t available it will be listed as Spicy Shrimp Curry.  During lobster season, the dish is available with succulent lobster chunks.

Honestly, it's to die for! Stir fried tiger prawns/shrimp/lobster in red curry paste with ginger, scallions, lemongrass, lime kaffir, galangal, chili, cilantro and basil; simmered in coconut milk with vegetables. Served with steamed white rice and cucumber yogurt. Now tell us that doesn't sound incredible.

If you prefer a vegetable or chicken option, just ask your server. They are more than happy to accommodate any special requests if they can.

Our Favorite Dish

The seafood pasta is also a big favorite among restaurant goers. Kids and adults love this dish. One portion is easily split into two to accommodate two small children with big appetites.

A selection of sauteed seafood with garlic, onion and fettuccine pasta. Tossed in vegetable tomato cream sauce and grated Parmesan cheese. It's so moreish and velvety smooth, so good! This dish is also available with shrimp only or as a vegetable only option.

We'll share a picture of this dish when we remember to take one before scraping up the last bit of sauce on the plate….

Sweet Talkin

And let’s not forget to leave room for dessert and treat yourself to the fabulous Mango Cheesecake. The dessert menu is not to be missed. There are great options from Banana Splits to Creme Brulee. We think these little Mango Cheesecakes are the perfect size to squeeze into our overstuffed bellies.

Mango Cheesecake Dessert at Mango Reef

Secret Ingredient

An abundance of sights and sounds surround you at Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar. From smaller boats docking by your waters edge table to private charters coming back in with the days “big catch”, you’re sure to hear some great stories and enjoy a few laughs from the daily adventures. Turtle Cove marina is an attraction all in itself so definitely take some time to explore.

Have to wait a few minutes for a larger group table? Not a problem. Lots to see and do to pass the time while you wait. Or perhaps an after dinner stroll around the marina to pick out your favorite boat? Chat to the Captains cleaning their catch and their vessels.  They are always eager to share their day at sea with you and boast of their prize haul. We've met some great characters at the marina.

Keep your eyes on the water too! If you’re lucky, you might see a shark or two looking to enjoy the scraps left over from the catch of the day. Don't fall in!

Selfies at Mango Reef

Wrap Up The Take Away

Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar is a hot spot for both locals and businesses alike. You know what they say right? If the locals love it, it's gotta be good! We know we aren't supposed to admit we have a favorite restaurant, however, if we did, we're pretty sure Mango Reef is at the top of our favorites list. We can always count on a hearty and delicious meal no matter the occasion.

While Mango Reef is not located in the central Grace Bay area, we strongly encourage you to make the short trip and enjoy an “Oh my God, I'm soooo full” meal.  It’s only a few minutes drive away from the tourist section of Grace Bay, so whether you’ve rented a car or need to take a taxi, it’s not an out of the way location. The drive is very straightforward so you won't get lost. Check out the map at the top of this article to plan your route.

One last note! Whether you're planning to dine for lunch or dinner, we must forewarn you of one small thing….

GO WITH AN APPETITE! BE HUNGRY! You will eat a lot! Even if you're full at the end of your main course, trust us, you'll still look at that dessert menu! It's just too good to resist.

We hope you enjoy a meal or two at Mango Reef Restaurant and Bar during your next trip to Turks and Caicos.

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